Wednesday, December 29

John Piper - Christian Womanhood

Hey friends, this is a great four minute video from John Piper on Christian Womanhood.

 Some key points-
A woman in Christ knows her bible, knows her God, and gains strength from hoping in God.
She laughs
She is fearless
She is not naive of the things to come
She is aware of suffering

Some things to think about as the new year begins.
What do you think?
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  1. I totally agree ~ and this is the kind of woman I pray to be!


  2. Me too Jen! I love how John Piper connects overcoming fear to hoping in God. I knew that to be true but he just puts it in a way that is so clear it makes me think about it in a different light. I also love the part that she laughs....laughter is what makes us not take ourselves so seriously too! I need to laugh a lot more! Thanks for dropping by JT Jen!


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