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Just for Women Wednesdays- Christian Women You Should Know About

She became blind due to a physicians error at the tender age of 6weeks old. She would live to proclaim her thankfulness for being blind because she would not have been able to write hymns due to all the distractions if she had her sight. And as we remember her today, we still stand in awe of her. I stand in awe of her. Who am I talking about?

Today's Christian Woman you should know about is Fanny Crosby (1820-1915).

She lived from 1820-1915.
Why do we know about Fanny Crosby today? Because she wrote over 8,000 songs for believers.
She is best known for hymns such as "To God Be the Glory," "Blessed Assurance," "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross," "Rescue the Perishing" and so many more! My favorite is "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross!"

Why do we find a connection to her today in the 21st century?
Because she was a woman who overcame her circumstances ( blindness) by focusing on what was most important in life, that God be glorified. And glorified He was then, and still is today. Her obedience to take the life God had given her, impacts my life today. The words of her hymns still speak to my heart and it's almost been a hundred years since her passing.

Pastor, Author Warren Wiersbe writes about Fanny saying:
"How did Fanny Crosby write her lyrics? I never undertake a hymn." she explained, "without first asking the good LORD to be my inspiration in the work that I am about to do." It helped her to hold a small book in her hand, something she often did when she lectured or gave concerts. She would pray and meditate until she was in the right mood, and sometimes she would quote several hymns to herself to prime the pump. Then the ideas would come, and she would write the song in her mind and commit it to memory. At times, she would have as many as forty different songs stored away in her mind. She would let each song lie still for a few days before dictating it to a friend, who would then send it off to the publisher." (Source:Fifty Christian People Every Christian Should Know, pg. 104, BakerBooks).
What I love about Fanny is that she didn't let her disability keep her from serving the LORD. So many times, women can let emotions and feelings lead them away from pursuing the LORD and serving Him. But not so, with Fanny. Christ was her life and her life glorified Christ.

What about you dear sister? God has something for you to do for His Kingdom. Are you seeking Him? Or are you at a stand still because you think you can't do anything for Him. With God, all things are possible and there is nothing He can't use for His glory. Seek Him dear sister!

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