Sunday, July 1

Free Art Friday

 So, I guess I should have planned my Free Art Friday better this past Friday! Sorry for the inconvenience to all who entered.

My helper decided to visit the grandparents Thursday night and spend the night so he wasn't here on Friday morning and didn't return until late Friday night and then he was tired. Boy, this helper job can get a little complicated. On top of that, we had a Sunday School Fourth of July social at our home last night. Great fun, but....lots going on. We are all rested up now and were able to draw our winner this afternoon. YAY!!! Thanks to my son for his drawing for this month's winner!  (Note: My Ipad is not taking the correct size picture so when I switch them over to the blog they won't enlarge. If you can't see the names here, I have listed the names of those who entered.
 Stacy Hart, Heather Redd, Heather Goss, Lindsay Wilbanks, Tonya Lewis, Leslie Harper, Anna Parker, Stephanie Odle, Amy Williams.
 Down in the Dr. Suess bowl they go!!
 And we got one!!!! Who is it?
Congratulations Lindsay Wilbanks!!!! 
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