Tuesday, June 5

A Minute Meditating on our Majestic God

Do you care about the majesty of God? Do you even think about it? With the hectic pace of life, we forget to think and consider how the Bible describes God's Name and character. We read the word "majestic" or "majesty" in the Bible and don't give much thought to what is really being said. We don't take time to ponder how wonderful God is. How big and awesome He is!!!  

His name is majestic. 
His works are majestic. 
His character is majestic.

Majesty in commentaries is defined as:
The greatness and splendor of God, revealed in his creation and mighty works of deliverance. On account of his majesty, God is worthy of praise and adoration from all people.
Majesty-God's awesomeness and bigness- is described in Isaiah 40:15:
"Surely the nations are like a drop in a bucket;
they are regarded as dust on the scales; he weighs the islands as though they were fine dust."
You and I are insignificant in comparison to God. He is everything. He is mighty, powerful and awesome!!! We are like a "drop in the bucket." 

Responding to God's majesty is simply remembering how little we are and how big God is!!!
Our response should be one of reverence, awe and worship. Just thinking about the majesty of God should lead us to stand in awe of Him.

Take a minute to do that today. 
Why not this moment?
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