Friday, June 8

TGFP (Thank Goodness For Pinterest) Fridays!!!!!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite pins on a couple of Fridays this summer because
it's summer!!!! If you have a favorite pin, post it to me on the Joy Treasure Page on Facebook.
I would love to share some of your favorite pins with other Joy Treasure readers here on the Joy Treasure Blog.

These are some of my recent favorite pins and the websites they originate from. Hope you enjoy!!!!
This is something you can do inexpensively to update a wall in your home. 
This is a great blog to go to!!!!
Really love looking for simple and small gift ideas that are different and show thoughtfulness.
This idea is simple, small and yet it makes me smile!!!!!

Totally am in love with the chevron design and this is a great way to add something new to your boring bar stools in the kitchen.

Found this idea and thought about a new person to your neighborhood or church. Maybe a Sunday school member moved into a new house. A housewarming gift like this will come in handy!! Very well thought out and fun to look at!!!
We all want to add some summer to our homes yet not break the budget to do it! Love this idea and the website it came from. Check it out!!!!

Totally love, love, love these!!!! You can also purchase them from this website What a unique way to add some character to your home!

Send me your pins on Joy Treasure Facebook page. Would love to see what you are pinning!
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