Friday, June 22

Fabulosity Friday- A Woman, a Hair Dryer and God

So you think that you can't find time in your day to meet with God? That's a lie sister! And I am gonna tell you why. If you are a woman and have a hair dryer, and you know and love God, you just gained a good five to ten minutes to spend with Him every day.

Some of the most sacred, most precious times in my day are when I get to dry my hair. I know, it's silly and some may say it's not reverent, but it's true. Let the naysayers say "nay" but a woman trying to find more time with God will never be turned away by her heavenly Father. As a wife and mother trying to get ready for the day, which can be stressful, I wanted a little more quiet time in my day. And I found that when I dried my hair, I was praying, reading, memorizing scripture, etc. As I began to blowout each strand of hair, I noticed I was hearing God speak to me. The LORD was speaking to me as I read my Bible and prayed in the midst of the hum from the dryer. So this hair time became sacred time. This mundane time became a magnificent time. No one can talk above the noise. Just hearing the hum of the dryer scatters everyone to leave the room. No one is gonna interrupt momma trying to fix her hair unless it's an absolute emergency!!! It's really great! And you know what? Sometimes even if you are done drying your hair, you can keep on blowing the dryer just to finish up your special time!

This hair time is when I bow before my heavenly Father (sometimes literally drying my hair!) and ask Him to speak to me.(Let me say this also can benefit your hair as well, bending over brings volume to you hair!)  So not only does my bowing before Him bring me a blessing of hearing Him, it also blesses my efforts to attain beautiful hair!  What could be better than that???

So what does this hair drying time look like? 
I draw near to God first (James 4:8). I confess my sin and ask Him to search my heart (Psalm 139:23). Then, I read a devotional or a verse as I am working on a section of my hair. Make sure you have something to hold up your Bible or book like a picture frame stand or something similar! 

I have found clarity for my confusion, peace for the storms raging inside me, hope when life was uncertain, strength to carry on and continue, direction for my next step and even times, conviction about things that no one would know except me and God, confidence for my insecurities. It's sacred, sister! It really is!!

So dear friend, take another look at your hair dryer differently today. Maybe purchase a new dryer to get you excited about getting the most out of your time with the LORD. Don't look at your hair dryer as a time taker, but as a time giver! Embrace the handle of your hair dryer with confidence knowing you are entering into a sacred time of conversation with The LORD of the Universe and listen to Him speak to you through the written Word of the Bible. He will do it! I can testify!!!! 

Love you all and pray you have a happy Friday!!!

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