Tuesday, July 10

A Woman, a Hair Cut, and Submission?

"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7

Do you ever mess up so bad in making appointments on your calendar that you want to pitch a fit? And you know pitching a fit is not godly. So you don't. But inside, you are frustrated at yourself and you really want to pitch a fit! It's tough being a woman sometimes! 

Well, this is what happened to me recently and submission to God had everything to do with this life lesson. Let me give some background information...I never miss a hair appointment! NEVER! I plan them months in advance because my hair stylist is a mom who doesn't work everyday, so she is difficult to get an appointment within a week or even a month... you get the picture. 

Now, I am so glad some of you don't have this problem with your hair cuts. Maybe you cut your own hair, or your friend cuts it, or your sister, or husband. That's wonderful! I don't have that luxury in my life! 

The planning of my hair appointment for the month of June got all mixed up when I forgot to account for Vacation Bible School. I made a mistake and set the appointment for the last day of Vacation Bible school. So then I had to cancel the appointment because I was teaching on that Friday morning. It was kingdom work y'all and that took precedence!!! That put me three weeks late for a hair appointment.

Long story short, I have been in a huff inwardly since I haven't been able to get my hair done.   My roots are down to my ear (kidding of course!, But they are long!) and my length actually has grown out which hilariously I have received more compliments of the length than I ever have in middle of the dead heat of summer. Isn't that something! 

Seems like a boring post about a blond (who pays for being blond), but it's real life for me dear friend, and I know it will encourage you today. 

You are probably asking, "What does your hair appointment have to do with submission, Ashley?" 
I will tell you what it has to do!

Because my appointment was three weeks past due, (three weeks for a girl who gets her hair done every four- five weeks), God convicted my heart and revealed to me that even when I make a mistake like setting the wrong dates for my hair appointment, He wants me to make the best of it and lovingly submit my attitude to Him and not complain about it to myself and to others. He longs for my attitude on the outside to reflect my heartitude on the inside.  God wants me to bring all of my frustrations about the silliest of things in life and submit my attitude to His authority and Word. 

Often, we consider submission in reference to marriage and obeying authorities in charge. But submission to God is in everything! And many times, we don't think about submitting our attitude to the LORD. We like to submit to Him in other things but not our attitude! Our attitude is revealed by the words we choose to say and the thoughts we choose to think and the facial expressions we choose to portray. So on the outside, we reveal that we are being selfish and choosing our selfish feelings instead of submitting to God's Word. And everyone can see it! Submission to God is heart that yields to Him as LORD and obeys His Word. 

When I was beginning to have an outward attitude about my hair that was not reflective of the heartitude on the inside, I was reminded of the following verses:
"...give no opportunity to the devil" (Ephesians 4:27) 
 "Do all things without grumbling or questioning," (Philippians 2:14) 
God used this little frustration to convict my attitude and bring it under the submission of His Word. He revealed to me that I was to make the best of my hair until it was time for my appointment and not grumble about it. 

What about you dear one? What is God using in your life to change your attitude? Yield to Him. You will be so glad you did!

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