Wednesday, July 25

Just for Women Wednesdays- The Ugly Struggle with Body Image

Can I share something with you? I want to be tall. I REALLY want to be tall!!! But, I am not. Not at all. Not even close. Not even kind of close. Not even the average height. But you know what?  It's OK. It's really OK! It has taken me a long time to proclaim it, but it's true. I like being short. God made me this way and He is pleased with my stature. And if He is pleased, I am pleased.

This struggle began when I was in Junior High School when I realized while everyone around me was growing taller, taller, taller....I myself was not. No. I didn't even grow one inch after the age of 12. 

As I grew older, I would dream about what it must be like to be one of those tall statuesque models while looking at teen magazines. I would think, "I wonder what it is like to be able to wear that shirt or those jeans." Clothing in the eighties did not provide the options that it offers today for a small woman. During this time, the more I began to fixate on being tall, the more I disliked the height God made me. The more I disliked the height God made me, the more I didn't like myself. You name it, I have been called it. It has taken me years to overcome this height barrier and embrace my small stature. It's only because I focused my mind back on God and His Word in Psalm 139:14 that I have been able to overcome the reality of my short self. Mining the rich treasure God "wonderfully made" me has changed my perspective. Choosing to choose the truth of God instead of what's popular in the world has made all the difference in my thought life.

Why do I share this struggle? I share my height struggle with you, dear sisters, because I want you to know that I still have to fight it sometimes. And If I have to fight it, I bet there is something you have to fight too. And it's OK. We all have body image struggles at some point and time. I wish I could say I never think about being tall anymore. But sometimes I do. It's rare when it happens. Every now and then it rears its ugly head when I meet a very tall woman or I find myself in a crowd where there are lots of taller women. And the feeling can come crashing on my heart like a tidal wave and I begin to feel....short. Overlooked. Insignificant. And I have to talk to myself and remind myself of God's promises and pray when this happens. And soon, I am good. But it has taken me years to get this way.

I wonder what you are struggling with this day? What about your body image is stealing the joy of being God's daughter and believing that He has wonderfully made you? Bring it to the LORD. Take your thoughts to the scripts (scriptures, that is!). Let God's Word powerfully wash over your harsh criticism of yourself and bring you to a place of peace. And if and when it rears it's ugly head again at you, go back to Psalm 139:14 and say to yourself, "I am wonderfully made. God is pleased with me and that's all that matters."

Dear God, I sometimes don't like _______________ about my body. Forgive me for letting it steal away precious time from seeking You. Help me to overcome this hold it has on me. Make my mind a place where your truth reigns instead of my insecurities reign. Your Word tells me that I am beautiful in your sight and that you have made me and are pleased with me (Psalm 139). Thank you for hearing my prayer. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. What a great post, Ashley! I love the prayer at the end. Very effective! Praying with love...

  2. Finally found your blog, sweet southern sister! great post, looking forward to keeping up with you this way :)

    love, Heidi from SS

  3. Thanks Jennifer and Heidi! When I took a hiatus, I really took a hiatus. Needed to take a break from the online posting. I am SO glad to hear from my sisters in other parts of the country!!! Thanks for your encouragement and prayer!


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