Monday, July 16

Manna Monday-Do You Trust Me?

"But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.” 
Psalm 31:14

Recently, my son began questioning the future events of the day as to whether or not they would happen...aka "are we going to play with my friend?" We were running errands and it wasn't time for our play date. As I explained and provided answer after answer to his questions, the phrase, "Do you trust me?" suddenly came pouring of my mouth. My little fella quieted down and said, "yes, momma. I trust you." He knew I would take care of him based on how I had taken care of him in the past and therefore, he trusted I would take care of him that day and get him to his play date

As my mouth directed my son to focus on my character and that I would take care of him like I had in the past, immediately, I thought about how God says the same thing to me when I come questioning the timing of events in my life. I tell God I need to do "this" and I need to get "here" and I really hope that He won't forget "that" and all the while He is saying to me, "Do you trust me?"

And do I?

The older I get, the more I see that trusting God is not merely talking about trusting Him, but praying through life circumstances immediately instead of whining, complaining and questioning His goodness.It's quickly placing my mind off of my circumstances and back on to His promises. It's human nature to automatically question and complain. My son wanted to whine and ask lots of questions. But he is maturing as he grows older and it didn't take long for him to immediately get the picture when I said, "do you trust me?" 

Trust is hard to see because it is not something that is tangible without a relationship. It's through a relationship with God that we learn to trust Him. It's hard to trust Him if you don't know His Word. Through His Word, He reveals His character, power and who He is. My son trusted me because he knows my character. He has a relationship with me. He spends time with me. He knows what I will do based on what I have done in the past. I have shown him that I will take care of him in the past and he can trust me to do what is best for his future. It's the same with God, but in a much better way. I am a sinner and God is God. He is pure, holy and wonderful. He is all powerful, all-knowing, and all-wise. He sees the bigger picture in our lives when we don't see it and don't understand it. He has shown us in His Word that He is "who He says He is" and will do "what He says He will do." And He asks His children to "trust" Him. To "believe" Him. To "rest" in knowing that He has taken care of everything.

As I close this post today there was something else I thought about as my son quit asking and complaining about when we would get to the play date. He was learning that before he could get what he wanted, he would have to go where I would lead him. In other words, he was gonna have to wait and trust me as I ran errands and  believe that I would not forget where he wanted to go. The time had to be right. I knew he would not understand the list of what I had "to do." He just knew it was not time to play yet. It's the same with God. We don't see how he is working, but He is. He knows what He is doing. And we simply have to follow His lead even when we don't understand.

I don't know where you are today in your walk with the LORD dear sister. Some of you may be hurting right now. Trust God. Some of you may be fearful of an upcoming test result. Trust God. Some of you may be asking "why" your child has learning difficulties and social difficulties and you don't understand. Trust God. Some of you may be wanting to do something different in your work and you don't think you can step out and do anything different. Trust God. Some of you may be in a marriage that is not going well and you have come to the end of your rope. Trust God. Some of you may be single and longing to be married and wonder anymore if God hears your prayers for a spouse. Trust God.

Trust God. 

Come close to Him and hear him say to you, "Do you trust Me?" and then follow after Him step by step keeping your eyes on Him. He will not let you down. He will not let you slip. He will not forget you. He will not forsake you. Why? Because He loves you. 

He loves you.

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