Monday, July 23

Manna Monday-Boring or a Blessing? A Real Life Thought about the Bible

Sitting in my airplane seat yesterday afternoon, I was tired, ready to get home and the selfish thought of wishing I had more room to move my arms around came creeping into my mind. It's not like I am a big person and am stifled by the lack of space. I am a small woman and can fit into many small places and still have some room. Being a stature challenged person in a big world can have benefits on a airplane. But it's my attitude that was getting a little big. I knew if I didn't get a handle on it, it would begin to get a hold of me. So I had to talk to myself. "Be thankful," I said. "You get to go home and not be delayed anymore." 

So as I got settled into my seat and found a comfortable spot to rest my arms I began to relax. And then the flight attendant began talking about what to do in an emergency. Yada Yada Yada, I thought! "How many times have I heard this before?" I thought. She was talking, but I wasn't listening. The same familiar and needed safety message was vitally important. Quickly, I began to look around the plane and noticed everyone looked the same way as she spoke the safety instructions. Bored. Checked out. Uninterested. 

Then, the LORD gently whispered to me, "Ashley, this is what you can be like when you come to my Word. This is what believers can be like on a Sunday morning as they listen to a sermon." I was so convicted because I began to think about the times when my mind wanders off and I can write something off from the Bible off as boring. But it's in these times, dear one, that we need to press in and draw more nearer to God and His Word and listen.

Does the Bible seem boring to you? Do some of the familiar passages simply sound familiar and you think to yourself, "I know about this story!" It's OK to say "yes." Through saying "yes" you are admitting that you want to know more about His Word and go deeper with Him. You are tired of milk and want some meat. Dear sister, the Bible is NOT BORING. It's alive and active (Hebrews 4:12). God's Words are as sweet as honey (Psalm 119: 103). They make you wise and can restore your soul (Psalm 19:7). But you have to read it and mine the treasures. They don't automatically come into your mind and heart.

Are you in need of something sweet? Are you in need of help to make you wiser woman? Are you in need of restoration? Dear one, you have it. It's the Bible. Open it. Get into it. Find a book to help you understand a passage in a deeper way along with reading the Bible. 

Action Plan
This week, determine what you want to learn more about and buy a book to go along with your personal study. Pray through the topic/passage and seek God. He will open your eyes to something you have never known before. There are so many study aids or books to add to your study of God's Word. Go to to help you find a book to read along with a familiar passage.

Know this dear sister: when you begin to feel bored about God's Word remember, this is good! This is a hunger pain that wants to be filled by deeper truth. A blessing awaits you around the corner if you won't give in to scripture boredom. You will have to work for your blessing through study and prayer, but in turn you will mine a great treasure of truth. And all this stems from a feeling of boredom.

Dear LORD, I know this feeling of boredom and I know that you have rescued me from this feeling at times. It's in these times You have given me some of the greatest treasures of truth. I pray if any woman is feeling this way about Your Word today, that You would enable her to move beyond this feeling and seek You. Please help her not to give in to the fleshly feeling of boredom and walk away from You empty, but to come to Your table, eat, and be filled by your life giving truth. You promise it!!! Thank you!!!
In Jesus name, Amen

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