Friday, January 20

Monster Trucks and God

What do monster trucks and God have to do with each other?

That is what I thought about when my husband said to me a few weeks ago, "I just bought us all tickets to so see Monster Jam." My son is in preschool and he is all boy-loves trucks, trains, anything outdoors, etc. This is the reason the tickets were bought in the first place.

Back to the conversation with my husband.

     ME: "Ohhhhhhhh!!!! OK!"

     HIM: "You will you go with us, won't you?"

I paused.
I waited before I replied with an answer.
Then I thought some more. (My thought was really this: "I hate monster trucks, I don't want to go.")
In the matter of a few seconds, my brain swiftly ran towards what I was going to do. I had to make a choice.
It was an obvious choice, right?
Do things for the kids!
Ummmmmmm..........really? Do I really have to go?
Thinking of Others over Yourself
Let me tell you how far a stretch this monster truck thing was for me. It was a stretch!!! A monster kind of a stretch!!!
I am not a monster truck attending kind of girl.
I like art.
I like music.
I like the color pink. (I REALLY like the color pink!!!!!!!)
I like christian concerts and conferences.
I DON'T like dirt or mud or loud noises. VERY LOUD NOISES say for instance, Monster Trucks!

Letting God's Word Guide Choices
It would have been easy for me to let the guys go to the show and love the loud noises and trucks all by themselves. Convicted, I knew I needed to attend as a family and support my son's excitement about monster trucks just by being present with him (moral support if you will!!!). My mind quickly recalled Romans 12: 10 and Philippians 2:4 which encourages believers in doing things for others and honoring others.

Monster Trucks was simply the avenue in which yielding to the LORD to do things for my husband and son was testing my heart to think of them over thinking of myself. If I had let my emotions and opinions guide my choices, I would have stayed at home on the sofa in my pink pajamas. But I was not going to consider myself and my wants above my family's excitement about monster trucks.

One More Test on Thinking of Others
When the day came for the "big show" I woke up with an awful migraine. My first thought ran to being able to stay home and not have to go to the monster truck show because I felt so bad. Then when I considered the Bible and what it said about thinking of others, I took my medicine and decided to rest up that morning in hopes that I could weather the migraine storm and be OK to attend the show in the afternoon. By the time it came to leave, I was good enough to go. I still had a slight headache but it was nothing like it was when I woke up that morning. Off to the show!!!!

Monster Truck Delight 
Can I tell you how much I enjoyed the show! I did!!! The reason I did was because I took an interest in what was important to my son instead of what was important to myself. I didn't place my thoughts on my headache or that I hated mud and loud noises and ugly trucks!!! I placed it on their delight. I found out what JOY I would have missed in watching my son attend his first monster truck show if I had given in and stayed at home.

The Christian life is about loving others and thinking of others before you think of yourself (John 13:34-35; 1 John 4:7)
Are you thinking of others before you think of yourself at home?
At work?
At church?
At Wal-mart?
On the Highway at a yield sign?
In the grocery line with a buggy full of groceries when another person behind you has only three items?
Are you yielding to the Holy Spirit as He prompts your heart to consider others before you consider yourself?

Don't miss the joy life that awaits you in Christ. Consider others before you consider yourself. Even if it's having to attend a monster truck show. You will be so blessed! I promise!!!
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  1. Thanks for sharing this Ashley. Count it all joy!


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