Monday, January 23

Manna Monday: Are you Demanding Towards God?

What is your daily tone toward Almighty God when you pray?
 Is it one of selfishness or selflessness?
What are the first words that come forth from your mouth when you bow your head in prayer?
Do you bolt out of the gate with with a bunch of demands that you would like for Him to accomplish for you or are you daily humbly bowing before Him giving all your wants and needs in surrender to His will and authority?

The opposite of being demanding is being humble. The Bible instructs us to be humble, not demanding
(James 4:10; 1 Peter 5:6). When we are demanding, we are acting like we are in charge and treating God like He is supposed to "do" things for us. He is God. He is in control.Sometimes we don't even mean to be demanding. It may be that we have so many burdens and are in need of God's touch in our life that we fail to come toward Him with an attitude of humility.

Wherever you may find your attitude toward God, take a little time to examine your view of Him.
If you come to a place where you find your tone toward God demanding (be it out of a low view of who He is OR be it out of so many burdens that you are coming to Him irreverently), consider the following truths:
  1.  God knows what I need (Matthew 6:8; 32)
  2. God will take care of me (Matthew 6:31)
  3. God answers prayers (1 John 5:14)
  4. God is worthy of my praise and worship, not my demands (Psalm 8:1; 29:1; 92:1; 104:1)
I am praying for you this Monday.
I am asking God to use today's post to be a blessing in your prayer life. We have such a great God! Give Him ALL the praise and glory and get rid of a demanding attitude towards Him. Instead, come humbly before Him in surrender.

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