Wednesday, January 25

Subscribe by email to Joy Treasure

Hey Joy Treasure Readers! There is something NEW added to the site that will make reading Joy Treasure even easier. Some of you like to reach JOY Treasure through Facebook, Twitter and Google. But now, you can sign up to receive Joy Treausre updates through email.

How do I sign Up?
1. Click on the gray submit button under the box "Follow by Email"- it's above the popular posts.
2. A box will appear and you will be prompted to type in your email address and fill in the letters of the code box. Once completed, Click on the button "Complete Subscription Request."
3. An email will either come into your email personal email box or your spam. Check it immediately to see which it comes into. You will receive a letter in your email and will be prompted to click on the site within the body of the email to confirm your feed request.
(A sample of the email looks like the one in the picture above).
Once you have finished these simple THREE steps, Joy Treasure will come to your email as I update it.
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