Friday, January 27

Fabulosity Friday

Happy Friday JT Friends!
As I told you in earlier posts, I am sharing real examples from my own life on the blog about the the two words God placed on my heart for 2012 to live out.
They are "prepare" and "listen."

 I posted last week about being a good steward of the time God has given us in each day, so therefore organization becomes more about making the most of the time God has given us each day, not about having it altogether in the eyes of someone else.

I wanted to share my most recent way of saving time in my home. It is my jewelry holder.

My lack of getting a handle on my jewelry was stealing time away from my day. It wasn't taking hours, it was taking second which turned into many minutes.

For me, it has been the little stuff that I needed to pay attention to in my home that has not been easy to find. These little things have had a place, but the place has not been as efficient as it could be. For instance, my earrings. They were in a jewelry holder in a drawer but they were on top of each other inside the drawer. Every time I would be looking for a pair of earrings, they were all mixed up and I couldn't find the other pair.
My jewelry had a designated place but the space wasn't an efficient. Does anyone know what I am talking about!!!!

When organizing your home, get out of the mindset that you don't have the time. That's the biggest lie and deterrent when it comes to organizing. Believe me, you do. Find it. Take one day at a time or one week at a time. Write it down on your calendar and make plans to do it. You will be SOOOOO glad you did.

 I pray today's fabulosity post will inspire you to find ways to prepare your own life.

And for my bracelets

If you want to find out more about how to make a jewelry holder go to one of my favorite websites and find out how to make one. It is super easy, super fun and the result oozes fabulosity!

Prepare your life so you can focus on what matters for eternity, not get bogged down in wasting precious time!
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