Wednesday, November 16

Just for Women Wednesdays- WorldCrafters

If you have never heard about WorldCrafts headed up by WMU (Women's Missionary Union) then you need to know about it! It is a wonderful way to get involved in missions by shopping!Yes, that's right! I said shopping! Each product is handmade from artisans across the globe and all proceeds go back to the artisan. The craft you purchase helps the artisan be able to support themselves and live free from sexual exploitation.
Information from the WMU website explains:
From August 2009 to August 2014, WorldCrafts will focus on this issue by highlighting some of our artisan groups that are working with women freed from sexual exploitation or women at high risk of becoming victims of human trafficking. We're calling it the Set1Free campaign, and there are multiple ways you can get involved. 
Here are some of the items from the website. There are SO MANY!!!!

                                                          Nativity Set from Cambodia

East Africa




For more information specifically about the artisans and how WorldCrafts is helping them survive click on the link below.

This Christmas, shop with a purpose.
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