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What to do about Facebook?

A couple of years ago, I started getting friend requests.

I ignored them and went on about my business.

The more I received in my inbox, the more I didn't want to be on Facebook. I kind of decided that I would in my own mind boycott it. Everyone around me seemed to be on Facebook. It was as if, the whole world was all on one page talking and sharing everything about their lives. Friends would say, "I saw that on Facebook" or, "did you know such and such was ......I saw it on Facebook." I couldn't believe all the information about everyone's lives were shared so openly, so raw in some cases and without any inhibition.

But once friended by a mentor, I gave in and placed my face among the many faces in the world of Facebook. Instead of boycotting it I thought, "why not join it?" Instantly I had 30 friends. Wow! I thought. Everyone is there. People from my past and present are mostly there. It was fun to see where they were in their lives and what all was going on. I have enjoyed being on the social networking site. But I do see some downsides to it and believe there needs to be a balance of virtual reality and real life reality.

I believe Facebook should never take the place of real relationships. The friends who know me the best, spend time with me and I with them. I believe Facebook should be balanced and not overtake your life. I don't get on Facebook everyday because I don't need to know everything about everybody everyday. This is the way it doesn't overtake my life, my mind, my thoughts. But I can see how for some people it could get out of hand. I can see how a person could become to feel alienated while on a "social" networking site. I can see how a person could become sad while feeling left out on a site that supposedly tells them they have "all" these friends.

Friends, believers, members of the church, let's be sensitive to watch what we post on Facebook and not leave our other brothers and sisters out. They are watching.

I like the article posted by Dr. Russell Moore and what he had to say about Facebook in his post.
Click below and read the full article.

Why Facebook (and Your Church) Might Be Making You Sad

Last, there is no way to get around Facebook except to quit using the site if you can't handle all the information sharing. It's true, people post what they want you to know about themselves.

Comments to Dr. Moore's post I thought were thought provoking said the following about how some people use Facebook:

"People like to have image control on Facebook"

"Some people have no inhibition to what they share when it comes to elevating or belittling their spouse and family or job."
"Some people post things to get attention"

"Facebook is used to for people to help recreate themselves in the perspective of their peers."
I thought this was noteworthy enough to share today. Joy Treasure exists to encourage you to think more of Christ in your daily life and how you can be a living example of Christ to others. Even on Facebook we have a witness. How can you use Facebook in a better way than you are using it? A lot to think about.

Would love to know your thoughts about this!
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  1. That is so so so true Ashley. Gave me a lot to think about, girl. Love you, thank you.

  2. Hey Sherry!
    So glad the post was one that got you thinking.
    It truly got me thinking more about Facebook too.
    Dr. Moore's points are convicting and some of the comments from people in regards to his post are revealing also.

    Facebook is good but it just needs to be balanced in life like everything else.
    Thanks for dropping by friend!

    Joy 2 U today!

  3. I read the article several days ago. I love how he addresses the church about our lack of honesty and transparency. I'm thankful for a community of believers who've been both honest and transparent on the internet. It's helpful to know other Christians struggle in some of the same areas as me, and it's extremely helpful to read how God provides for them through the struggles. I think we can be too sensitive, worrying about whether we leave someone out, hurt their feelings, etc. that that's when we can become the "image" he talks about.

  4. Well said, Ashley! I know far too many people whose lives revolve around it...

  5. Rebekah,
    Thanks for dropping by Joy Treasure.
    Great comment!

    I believe it is a great thing to share life on Facebook with other believers. I have benefited myself from being able to get to see the lives of my friends at church and those others from my past. It is a wonderful thing.

    But I do believe we can be more sensitive to those around us. Not walk on egg shells and be afraid to share- but try to live our lives thinking more of others. That's why I posted Dr. Moores post.

    Case and point, I always try to ask myself, is there someone's feelings I might hurt that wasn't included in some place I went to or did or knew that if they saw it on facebook might feel alienated from me while seeing it on Facebook?

    I ask myself these questions also when I am talking in a group of women face to face as well. So many times we drop names of other women in front of the women we are talking to. We share details about what we did and where we went and think nothing of the way it alienates others feelings. I make great efforts to try to not do this in front of other women. I also try to do this on facebook. But I can see how failure to think of others can get out of hand and alienate me from being able to minister to other ladies God places in my path.

    I have learned this lesson years and years ago in my earlier adult years. It used to be that it was only face to face in small groups. Now I see it cropping up on Facebook.

    Not trying to be too sensitive and not share life with other believers in Facebook..I love doing that. Just trying to push myself to think more of others and be more responsible in what I post.

    Thanks girl for dropping by.
    Love your blog too!

    Joy 2 U!

  6. Thanks Kelli for dropping by Joy Treasure!
    So glad to hear from you!

    Facebook is here and is a great way to see the lives of others. But I am with you, need to have a balance on spending time there. It can get out of hand. Studies show women can spend around 2-3 hours there a day on average. That's dangerous.

    Joy 2 U my friend!

  7. Hey Ashley,

    Very thought-provoking article and insights about Facebook. It does seem that we see only the really happy or the really sad.

    And, there are times when it does seem to be a little fake out there in the FB world.

    However, we have found some great ways to use the site for good. I am on staff at a large church, and I regularly use FB to do these things:

    1) Posting verses and great quotes for others to see
    2) Using it to reach people for Christ
    3) Using it to let people know what is going on at our church
    4) Being able to share hope with others
    5) Being able to wish birthday greetings to those in our church

    Here's our women's mini. church FB page... "faithbaptist womensministry."

    I believe we can see it as a tool, a gadget that to reach others for Jesus.

    Just a thought...

    Thanks for your ideas and sharing. I appreciate you and your blog. I'm not arguing with you, but I did want to offer another take on the whole FB thing!

    Thanks and blessings to you today,

  8. Melanie!
    I never knew this Face book post would get such the response that it did. I have been to say- overwhelmed a bit. I guess it hits on something most people are accustomed to using each day.

    I had over a 100 hits on Friday- 63 of them directly from Facebook within a few hours yesterday morning. I never meant to "down" facebook or tell people not to use it. Just to think and consider how they use it.

    My heart is not that Facebook is a bad thing. It's just I want what I share on facebook to bring all my friends together not alienate some. I know it's almost impossible, but I do want to ask myself to consider this more.

    I can see it doing that at times. I don't know if it makes sense what I am sharing. I have a sweet friend who is a believer who has felt alienated at times from other moms she knows on facebook. They constantly are talking back and forth about what they are doing and how much fun they had. This is what made me think about how I use it and to be careful that I don't alienate other women God places in my path by posting my whereabout with other friends on there. That is why I wrote the post. I also liked how Dr. Moore shared that we need to be careful but also not be too sensitive about what we share. We can't protect everybody all the time. But I do believe having a balance about the time spent on there and asking people to consider if they are thinking about others when they post- myself included- is a great question to keep in mind.

    Love,Love,Love your comment!
    Thanks for posting.
    I too share verses, encouraging thoughts from old Theologians and life in Christ with others on my facebook page. Many of my friends at church use it this way too. It is a fabulous tool to bring people in the church together. I am so encouraged to hear this is how you are using at your church as well. I pray others reading these comments will consider your great suggestions on how to use facebook if they aren't doing so at present.

    That is how we can use Facebook as a tool to glorify God. That is why I became a member of it. It truly is a great way to 1)keep in touch with others in the church and 2)share life together through Christ.

    I look foward to going to your website and seeing what all you are doing there to glorify God.

    Thanks for the post Melanie!
    I truly love it!

    Joy 2 U!


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