Tuesday, February 8

Does God Need Prayer?

Almost a ridiculous question when thought of at first because God doesn't need anything. Right? He is the self-existent one who doesn't need anything. But as I was reading what E.M. Bounds wrote, "God needs prayer and people need prayer." I had never thought about God needing prayer. I thought more about Him as the Creator of prayer. But as I pondered what E.M. Bounds had to say, I thought his comment was worth posting today. Hope you enjoy it and get to thinking about the power of prayer.

E.M Bounds said,
"God needs prayer and people need prayer, too. It is indispensable to God's work in this world, and is essential to getting God to work in earth's affairs. So God binds people to pray by the most solemn obligations. God commands people to pray, and so not to pray is plain disobedience to an imperative command of Almighty God. Prayer is such a condition without which the graces, the salvation, and the good of God are not bestowed on people. Prayer is a high privilege, a royal prerogative- and many and eternal are the losses by failure to exercise it. Prayer is the great universal force to advance God's cause. It is the reverence that hallows God's name. It is the ability to do God's will, and the establishment of God's kingdom in the hearts of the children of God.....Without prayer, the Gospel can neither be preached effectively, promulgated faithfully experienced in the heart, or be practiced in life. For the very simple reason that by leaving prayer out of the catalogue of Christian duties, we leave God out, and His work cannot progress without Him" (Pg. 402 E.M.Bounds Classic Collection on Prayer)
We can't leave God out of His work. It is His work. We need to call on His ability to accomplish His will in everything we do.
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  1. What a fantastic quote! I'm pretty sure if prayer wasn't that important, Jesus wouldn't have told us to do it! ;) The Disciples found it so significant that they documented the MANY times they witnessed Jesus praying. If we're following Him, then prayer is of the utmost importance in our faith walk.
    Great post sister!


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