Monday, February 7

Manna Monday- Rejoicing and Living in Each New Day

Hey JT friends!

How's your Monday treating you so far? When you begin a new week, what's your attitude?
Do you dread your Monday's or welcome them with delight?
Each day we've been given is from the LORD and we are to rejoice in the day HE has given us.
But sometimes we just don't like Mondays.

The phrase, "It's a Monday" is such a part of our culture that we can truly miss the joy that can be found in a Monday. I think sometimes we forget God made Mondays too and we are to rejoice in them! It's as if we like to give Mondays a bad rap. But its not biblical. The bible says,

"This is the day the LORD has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24
I had never thought about how much believers enjoy Sundays, the day where we experience rest and restoration. Maybe that's why we can feel a jolt on Monday mornings to some extent. Back to routine, and reality. But if you go back and read the entire chapter of Psalm 118, verse 24 comes into greater perspective. Barnes Notes on the Bible provides a great perspective on how we should embrace each day given from the LORD.
"The Sabbath is so calm, so bright, so cheerful, so benign in its influence; it is so full of pleasant and holy associations and reminiscences, that it seems to be a day fresh from the hand of God, unlike the other days of the week, and made especially, as if by a new act of creation, for the good of mankind. So when a man is raised up from sickness - from the borders of the grave - it seems to be a new life given to him. Each day, week, month, year that he may live, is so much added to his life, as if it were created anew for this very purpose. He should, therefore, regard it not as his own, but as so much given to him by the special mercy and providence of God - as if added on to his life. "                                                                                            Barnes Notes on the Bible
Today is a day that has been added to our life. When it comes to Mondays and other days of the week, think of each day as given from the LORD. Don't get caught up in the "its a Monday or it's been a day" attitude and let it take you away from embracing and cherishing the day as made fresh by the Lord. Each day- Mondays included is another day to live out His purpose. Another day to be about His Kingdom business. Another day to minister to others.

Whether you are working today at a business, school  or working from home, the day is FROM the LORD for His good purpose. Bring your attitude about the day to the LORD and surrender it to Him. Ask Him to help you see beyond your routines and to embrace it as a "day" that He has made.

What's your attitude normally on Monday? Would love to hear from you! 
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