Friday, February 11

A Practical way to Share Valentines with Your Family

This Valentines day, don't do the same thing.

Bring scripture into the mix with your family and turn your kids focus back on what the bible says about loving each other. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the fun stuff of Valentines day and totally forget about remembering the way Christ showed His love for us.

This is a GREAT way to place a biblical perspective back on Valentines day.
No matter the age of your children, you can make a special Valentines dinner for the entire family and use this mealtime moment from Focus on the Family to turn your children's focus back on Christ and back on how the bible tells us we are to show love to each other.

I loved this and wanted to share this with you my friends!!!
It is a real life practical way to share a special Valentines Meal with your family.

We have much to thank God for this Valentine's day- His love, and the ability to love others through the love of Christ.
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