Tuesday, February 15

Do you know God's Word?

I found this video on you tube a while back. What's interesting about it is that it paints a picture of how believer's don't know God's word. Would you be able to recite ALL the Ten Commandments if someone came up to you today? This post is not meant to make us feel bad, but to remind us ALL that we can do a better job at hiding God's word in our heart. This post is not meant to be legalistic and say that we need to learn this scripture or that scripture. But God's word tells us when we hide God's word in our heart it helps us to keep ourselves from choosing sin.

Start with a verse and write it down. Put it in your car, on your mirror in the bathroom, in your wallet or purse. Say it aloud to yourself when you have spare time. When you make God's word a priority you'll find that the more you hide of God's word, the more you know Him, love Him and can follow Him in each day. The more you know of His word, the more you have to share with others around you too.

What do you think about the video?
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