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Manna Monday: How to Change Your Worship For the Better

Drawn by me, Ashley. Psalm 63:2, The Message

A Sunday Morning Worship Confession
Every Sunday I go into the sanctuary and I worship the LORD through song and the reading of the Word. And on some Sunday mornings I find myself a little tired. A little apathetic. A little distracted by life. And it's in those times I examine my heart and ask myself these questions, "Am I really devoted to You Lord? Can I truly say You are enough?" Then I say, "My flesh is weak. Oh LORD, please help me love You more and know You more. Speak to my heart today. Give me eyes to see Your truth and ears to hear Your Word." And He speaks to me through the reading of His Word when He opens my eyes to a word, a phrase, a new way of thinking as I read. He also uses the message of my Pastor to speak to my heart as well. And my heart is revived to live another day in this world. But what if I never asked those questions and just kept on wallowing in my apathy and "distractedness?"

Questions Can BE good!
Have you ever felt this way before?
If you have, it's OK! It's normal.
Our flesh and spirit battle against each other (Galatians 5:17)
But the question is,"who will I let win?" 
My flesh or my spirit?

How to Change Your Worship for the Better

Changing your worship on Sunday mornings and throughout your week, begins by changing your thought life. You've got an adventure with God to live! Put away the mindset that church is something you do and replace it with the truth that the God of the universe wants to speak to you through His Word and for you to talk to Him through prayer. WOW!! Dear one, there are not enough words in our finite minds to worship God in the way He is due adoration. That's why He gave us the Bible. And tucked away in the middle of the book is the beating heart of worship-Psalms. It's a great place we can turn in our Bibles continually to help us get out of the apathy pit.

Take for instance Psalm 63:2 that I drew in my journal this morning. 
Psalm 63 records the time David was in the wilderness of Judah. David was in a barren place and less inhabited place. Just because he was serving God didn't mean he wouldn't feel alone or unsettled at time. So what did he do when he found himself there? 

Three Truths that Kill Apathetic Worship

1. I am God's and He is Mine.

David begins in Psalm 63:1 saying, "O God, you are my God;.." He is stirring himself up to grab hold of His LORD. He is not a God who is someone else's God. HE IS GOD. WE ARE HIS. HE IS OURS! 
2. Resolve to Keep Seeking God

David goes on to say, "earnestly, I seek you;" He was resolved to seek God in the wilderness, when the surroundings of life didn't look spectacular or glorious. This truth should encourage every apathetic heart in a desert place. 
3. Beholding God In the Secret
David desired to behold God in the secret place with his eyes like he had in the sanctuary. It's easy to worship God on Sunday mornings when there are LOTS of people singing along and listening to the sermon. But what about the secret places of your life? The places no one sees? When you are by yourself and your life circumstances threaten to steal every ounce of your joy, pray this prayer (Psalm 63:1-2). It's in those dry circumstances that we FIND God because our desire to seek and behold Him stirs us to grab hold of Him. 

My Prayer For You
I love the Message Translation of Psalm 63:2 which says, "So here I am in the place of worship, eyes open drinking in your strength and glory."This is my prayer today for own life. But it's my prayer for the women who come to the Joy Treasure Manna Monday post and read it today.

May you be like David, eyes open drinking in God's strength and glory.


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