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Just For Women Wednesdays- 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Prayer Life

Do you want a more effective prayer life? A supercharged more purposeful way of praying? Does your heart yearn to pray more than "God be with me" prayers? That's what happened to me a few years ago. I came to a crossroads in my prayer life where I was tired of praying the same prayers. I was ashamed when I listened to myself pray a bunch of words without purpose and passion. As I listened to myself, I thought, "This cannot be prayer that is effective"(James 5:16-17). I craved to be able to talk to God with passion and purpose instead of praying the same words from my limited vocabulary. I learned to pray God's Word back to Him. It has made ALL the difference.

Even now, there are times when my prayer life becomes stagnant. I don't chastise myself. I shake things up and get myself energized to pray again.

Five Ways You Can Supercharge Your Prayer Life
1. Soak Up the Word-
Staying away from God's Word steals the energy out of prayer. You are praying out of your limited vocabulary and dry heart. Think of a sponge. It soaks up water so it can be used to clean things. It is no good if it is dry. But when soaked with water, the sponge can go on and on and on with being useful. Nothing will supercharge your prayer life than to study a passage and pray it back to God. Find a passage. Write a verse down on a notecard and pray it back to God. Do this for a month. See how it changes your prayer life.

2. Think Bigger-
Time to get off the merry-go-round of dry prayers. Pray scripture and think more about others when praying. If your prayers are only about you, you need to think bigger. Praying bigger begins when you can pray for others. Take a day where you pray only for others e.g. Sunday School Class, co-workers, neighbors, family members, etc.

3. Get Outside-
Do something totally different and go prayer walking. Take your prayers outside and talk to God. Pray for your neighborhood by walking by each house and praying for the family inside. Go to your church and get a group of women to walk and pray for the ministers and ministries to prosper. Walk around the schools and pray for God to give them strong hearts to stand boldly for Him.

4. Challenge Yourself to Pray Diligently
Jesus was right when he told the disciples, "Couldn't you keep watch with me for one hour?" (Matthew 26:38-40). Our human capability is weak and we get tired of praying. Prayer is hard work. It takes energy to pray, especially to stay praying. Challenge yourself to not grow weary of praying for something or someone. Just like you would schedule lunches, meetings, or school deadlines schedule your prayer life. Determine a time to pray once a week where you are uninterrupted.

5. Make A Prayer Basket
 Sometimes prayers get tossed by the wayside because we don't make time for them nor do we have a place to pray. Buy a pretty basket and put it by your bed or your favorite chair in your living room. Place a Bible, prayer journal and note cards in it with a pen. I have books about prayer inside my basket. Sometimes reading these books (mine are by E.M. Bounds and John Wesley) help spur my thoughts and energize my prayers for the day.

Start With One Thing New
I pray you are encouraged today and that these ideas can help supercharge your prayer life.
There are five things. You don't have to do them all at once!! Pick one and start it today.
I would love to know if they are helpful.
Blessings to you dear sisters!
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