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Just for Women Wednesdays: The Comfortable Sin

The Comfortable Sin: What it is and How You can Break Free From it

I recently had a conversation with a lady who revealed how she never felt "good enough" about herself. She then apologized. I quickly told her, "Your God's Daughter! That is better than GOOD ENOUGH! That is GREAT enough!" Then I shared how I too had struggled in the past with this same thought in my own life. The difference now when Satan tried to tempt me to believe this comfortable lie was that I go back to scripture and remind myself WHOSE I am!!!

The Root of "Not Good Enough"
The root of this comfortable, yet destructive thought, simply stems from the sin of doubt. It stems from taking our eyes off of the truth God has clearly revealed in scripture about WHO we are in Christ and turning our eyes onto our own limited capability, our past failures or mistakes, and on any harmful word someone accused of being in the past. Never, does any woman set out with the intention of letting the sin of doubt rule her heart and attitude. Never, do she begin the start of her day proclaiming, "Lord, today I am going deny you as being the LORD of my thought life.I am going to doubt who I am in You." No. Instead, as Satan is perfect at doing, he throws a lure for us to consider. Remember that he cannot make you think this. He can only tempt you to think this. It's your choice to accept the lie and doubt who you are in Christ.

Why Can Doubt Become so Comfortable?
Doubt can become like your favorite blanket you snuggle under to keep warm. You don't always want it, but it's there when you want to crawl underneath it and hide. One doubtful thought or acceptance in your mind can become who you begin to believe you are in this life. Before long, you have entertained doubt 30 times in a day and it is begging to stay another day, and then another, and so on. After a month, you have become so comfortable with the doubtful thought that you don't even recognize it as an evil house guest in your heart anymore. And yet it is,doubt,destroying your confidence in Christ and keeping you from living on purpose for God. Doubt is pictured so clearly in Matthew 14:22-33. The disciples are in the boat during the fourth watch of the night and they see Jesus walking on the water and become afraid. 

Turn your attention to two words in Matthew 14:26:
  1. "Saw"
The eyes are the pathway to doubt. One glance at something we like or we are uncertain of, opens the door  to entertain questions that fire against the truth that we know and believe. We must learn to guard our eyes.

     2. "Fear"

Fear shouts at you and tells you you are not going to be OK. It tells you to look at your circumstances and forget about God's limitless ability and ongoing presence. It paralyzes your heart. We must learn how to use scripture and prayer to handle our fears. 

What Jesus Said About Doubt
As the story continues, Peter wants clarification that the "ghost" the disciples see on the sea IS Jesus. So he asks Jesus to "command" him to come out of the boat and walk to Him on the sea. Now I have been in 50 feet of ocean water off The Big Island of Hawaii before and been so scared to bits to swim in water so deep. I can't imagine what I would have done if I would have seen Jesus and heard him call me to walk on the water. I most likely would have done the same thing Peter did. So Jesus answers his request and bids him to come to Him. Peter exits the boat and begins to LOOK at his surroundings:

 Darkness (fourth watch of the night- 3am in the morning- Matthew 14:25)
 Wind/Waves (Matthew 14:30)

And then Peter sinks.

Jesus said to him, "O you of little faith, why did you doubt (Matthew 14:31)?" 

Breaking Free From Doubt
This is WHO YOU ARE in CHRIST! And so much more!!!

Listen for God's Voice (Matthew 14:27)
Remember God's Promises (John 10:28)
Don't Fear Life's Circumstances (Matthew 14:27)
Pray (Matthew 14:30)

Peter looked at his circumstances and turned away from looking at Jesus. 
Fear caused him to sink. He prayed for the LORD to save him and Jesus did. That's how he broke free from a weak instance of faith. He looked back to Jesus.

You can break free from doubt. Let go of the circumstance or doubtful thought and hold on to Christ. Hold on tight!!!!! You know you are looking away from Christ like Peter did when the feelings you feel on the inside overtake your faith steps on the outside. The next time doubt knocks on the door of your heart and causes you to think that you are "not good enough," or life is "scary" trace the thought back to it's root--doubt. Memorize scripture ( a verse or two) to remind you of what IS true. And say so long to the lie.


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