Friday, January 11

Free Art Friday!!

"Three Free Tips on How to Make Meaningful Artwork in Your Home."

So I normally have a heading above each blog post, but do to Blogger's or should I say Booger's inability to upload my heading this am and the other day, you will have to envision it in your head!

For a creative person, this is hard to let go of not having a colorful heading above the post. But you don't want the heading, you want the tips, right! Smile!

Go to my Facebook Page, Joy Treasure, and watch the video for the tips.!/photo.php?v=10200361773747198&set=vb.221667614544049&type=2&theater

If you would like to keep up with me and my joyful adventure with God on a more regular basis, please go to the Joy Treasure Page on Facebook and "Like" it. You'll then be able to stay connected to what I am learning and sharing more frequently.

Thanks again for your support here on Joy Treasure.
I blog for Jesus and to encourage YOU!!!!
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  1. Glad to meet you.
    Thanks for following me on Facebook.
    Look forward to seeing some art tips.

  2. You too! Janis!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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