Monday, May 7

Wishing I had a young daughter to give this too!!! I made this back in the winter time. Love it for myself, but it would be more joyful for me to give it away to a young girl. It's a joy to give it away in hopes of a young girl would have this message hanging in her room and be reminded that no matter what...she is loved by God. Would love to give it to a mom or dad who has a young girl. This message is what girls need to hear, need to know, need to believe and need to hold on to in a world that tells them they are only loved by what they look like.

How to Enter:

  • Click on the bottom of THIS post.
  • Follow the promptings given by the post.
  • Leave your first and last name in the box.
  • I will have my son draw a name out of all the names left in this post.
  • Winner will be revealed this Friday morning at 9am on May 11th.
  • Drawing begins now, May 7th at 10:30am and ends on Thursday May 10th at 11pm.

Thanks for your support, encouragement and following here at the Joy Treasure blog. Please tell your friends and family about the encouragement received here at Joy Treasure. Happy Monday! 
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  1. Love it! So would my baby girl. Thanks, Ashley!
    Stacy Hart

  2. I must have this for Ella! :)

  3. Alissa Simpson (If I win, this will be given to Chalice Howard who will serve time in Uganda this December while helping run a maternity home for young girls as well as handing out bunnies to hospitalized children. This picture can be hung in the pregnancy and maternity clinic).

  4. Heather Goss

    p.s. this are the exact colors of georgia's big girl room. we SO have to have this!!!!!!

  5. Sarah Schroeter
    This is beautiful Ashley!

  6. Angel Harris07 May, 2012 15:19

    Angel Harris
    This would be a gift for a friend that is adopting a little girl.

  7. Anne would love this, so please enter my name!

    Heather Redd

  8. please enter Tiffany Jones name for the drawing. Thank you.


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