Monday, March 26

Three Giveaways of Easter Paintings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday!

This week I am doing something I have never done before. Give away three paintings in one week!
I am giving them away today, tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday.

                You DON'T have to be a blog member to win any of these giveaways this week!

Today's painting I am giving away is this one!!!! The retro cross!
Scripture on the cross is "Philippians 2:13"for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure."

How to Enter:
1. Click on Comment under this post.
2. Leave your name in the comment box.
3. Giveaway ends at midnight tonight Monday March 26th.
4. I will put all the names in a bowl and my son will draw a winner from the names listed in the comment box.
5. Winner for this painting will be posted in the morning.

Thanks for dropping by Joy Treasure! Christ is Risen!!!!!!

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  1. Love all of your beautiful paintings. Put me in the drawing please!
    Deena Agee

  2. Bryndis Norred

  3. Julie Choat and Gina Tausch also entered by getting in touch with me. Blogger didn't take their names for some reason.

  4. Can I still enter? I am so excited!!

  5. Ashley,

    Will you post a new picture every day and we post under that picture or do we enter one time and our names will be put in the bowl each day?

    Have a blessed Tuesday,

    Alissa S.

  6. Me, me, me. If not me, someone else will be just as blessed such as Bryndis, Sherry, Julie or Gina. Ladies, I know we would all be blessed to receive something painted by Ashley. Ashley, you truly have a beautiful talent.



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