Wednesday, March 28

Third Easter Painting Giveaway Today!!!!! Enter Today on the Blog!

How I love, love, love this cross!! I call it my patchwork cross.
I pray whoever wins it will be reminded that they are never without hope because of Christ. He is our hope!!!!

How to Enter:
1. Click on Comment under this post. (follow the promptings of the comment box)

2. Leave your first and last name in the comment box.

3. Giveaway ends at midnight tonight Monday March 28th.

4. I will put all the names in a bowl and my son will draw a winner from the names listed in the comment box.

5. Winner for this painting will be posted in the morning.

All names must be entered in the comment box of this post not other posts.

I am so thankful I get to share the love of Christ through art. It's my joy and honor to serve you here on the Joy Treasure blog! Thanks for your support and encouragement!

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  1. Barri Elizabeth Stephenson

  2. Bretta Cahela (Cummings)

    Ashley that is absolutely beautiful and if I don't win I would love for you to make us one for our newly decorated living room (purple, brown and blue are major colors)

    Hope you are having a wonderful day ;)

  3. Stephanie Odle
    ( you are amazing! )

  4. Penny Flowers

  5. Love everything your paint brush touches!!
    Cyndi Stephenson

  6. Melissa Nalls

  7. When you pick the paint brush up beauty just flows out of you. You express yourself so wonderfuly in your art. And in so many other ways. What can you not do!!
    Denise Chamblee

  8. Hoping 3rd time is a charm. . .Deena Agee

  9. Noelle Norris

  10. It's just beautiful, Ashley!~ Still praying for you all...

  11. Heather Redd

  12. Ashley Trull


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