Tuesday, March 27

2nd Easter Painting Giveaway Today!

Today's painting is "He is Risen!"
I call it the fun cross! It's looks happy to me!
I pray it will bring much joy to your home!
Thanks for supporting the Joy Treasure Blog!

How to Enter:
1. Click on Comments under this post.
2. Leave your name in the comment box of this post.
3. Giveaway ends at midnight tonight Tuesday March 27th.
4. I will put all the names in a bowl and my son will draw a winner from the names listed in the comment box.
5. Winner for this painting will be posted in the morning.

Thanks for dropping by Joy Treasure! Christ is Risen!!!!!!
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  1. Hey girl~ I just happened to see this on FB before heading away from my computer this morning and it is so beautiful! I shared it in my blog post. You are so talented and generous with what God has given you to share! Much love to you today~

  2. Penny Flowers

  3. What an awesome painting.
    Can't wait to start reading your blog.
    and share with friends.
    Thanks, Debby

  4. This would be perfect for Barri Elizabeth!!!! Draw my name!!!

  5. Didn't put my name! Silly me. Cyndi Stephenson

  6. Barri Elizabeth Stephenson!
    This is beautiful! Would love to have I hanging in my new apartment!

  7. Noelle Norris

  8. Amy Corbitt :) Love it! Beautiful!!

  9. Trying to send you lots of new followers!!! Love you! Cyndi Stephenson

  10. Heather Redd. Very cute! love it!


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