Sunday, August 14

Manna Mondays: Do you Hunger for People to know the LORD?

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      " For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved (Romans 10:13).

Do you really hunger for people to know Jesus? Do you have a burden for the lost? A heavy burden that leads you to pray and not lose heart for others to know Jesus and be set free from bondage in their sin?  Listen to this quote from the book, "One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven" by Mark Cahill. He make no bones about it when he describes a true Christian. Cahill asks,
"A true Christian will have a hunger for the things of God-for witnessing, prayer and Bible study.  Are you faithfully sharing Jesus with the lost? Are you seeking God's face every day in prayer?
Do you read the Word daily?"

A heart question to ask yourself is, "When was the last time I shared Jesus with someone?" That's a revealing question as well. If you can't remember sharing Jesus then you have to ask yourself, "Have I been in God's Word? Have I been digging deep into Bible study? How is my prayer life?"

Everyone needs Jesus. Everyone around us is looking for Him. They are looking for salvation. Think about it. Superman saved Lois Lane. Batman saved Gotham City. Salvation is the theme of movies- not Jesus salvation but the idea of having a greater power that saves.

You are salt and light. Salt is meant to be poured out and light is meant to be shone in a dark world. Are you pouring salt out to those around you? Are you shining the light of God's truth to your family, friends and co-workers? Look for opportunities. They are always there. Always waiting.

Sometimes I seize opportunities and sometimes I don't. When I reflect back on the times I don't it is because I haven't spent time in God's word. When I miss opportunities it's been because I have been focusing on myself and the agenda I have set for the day. I miss those opportunities because I am not thinking heavenward. I am thinking on earthly things.

The REAL Reason we don't share faith.....we want to be liked. We don't want to be rejected. We don't want to face someone and have them reject us face to face. I say expect rejection and keep on sharing Jesus. Picture standing before Jesus and Him asking you, "What did you share about Me?" Would you hear Him say to you, "Well done?"

What to do?
Pray. Ask God to give you a desire- a deep hunger- to meet with Him through Bible study and through prayer. Ask Him to equip you as you step out in faith to share the life changing gospel. Ask Him to bring you to the person He wants you to share truth with and open your eyes to see and seize the opportunity.
Don't try to win a debate. Just keep sowing seeds. God will do the rest!!!!

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