Thursday, August 11

Hey Friends!
Joy Treasure may look a bit differently over the next few days. Please be patient with the site. I won't have many pictures in addition to my posts because my laptop mouse doesn't work anymore. Oh, did I mention its connected to my hard drive? Yep. $400-$500 for new hardware or a new computer. Gulp. So thank goodness I have this old desktop. Eight years this desktop has lasted me compared to my two years with a laptop. Oh well.

Free Art Friday
One of the things about blogging is that you can't take things personally. Some people don't like your blog while others do. But I have learned as you create, you have to see what your readers are looking for or are not looking for. The content I write here on Joy Treasure reveal things I am living, thinking and working through in my own life. Sometimes they are even things I see or hear my friends or other believers working through in their own lives. Sometimes they are just things I see in the world and try to go back and biblically find the answer to. Each post is my journey through scripture to bring it to life in my life.

One of the things I offer is Free Art Friday. This past week I opened up a week long opportunity to share Joy Treasure with your friends by having a Friend Sign Up Day. In humility, I have learned I don't think you all are looking to enter your friends and win a painting for you or your friend. Sounds like a good idea, but because no one entered this week- (which has never happened before here on Joy Treasure), I am thinking its not a good idea. So I humbly admit, I made a mistake in trying to change up the Free Art Friday  to Friend Sign Up Day. I know you share Joy Treasure with your friends and I thank you! Please continue to do that! But from here on out, Free Art Friday will continue to be a question for you to answer, a best idea, scripture or story, or simply leaving your name and letting my son draw it out of a bowl.

I take great pride in providing a blog that is encouraging that also uses the gifts God has given me. Sharing my art with you  is an outflow of my heart. Each painting is different and special to me. Its almost like having a child. I remember each one. I treasure each one and it brings joy to my heart to know a piece of art is hanging in your home that reminds you about Jesus. Art is not supposed to be kept to myself but to be used as an extension of my heart for the LORD. Thanks for your support. Blessings to each of you this weekend!
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  1. Ashley,

    Your blog is very encouraging and I really do look forward to reading it. Life has been so busy with balancing time for church, family, schoolwork, soccer and work that I have not had much time to be on the computer for anything other than the previously mentioned. Had I taken the time to read your blog, I would have most certainly shared it with others. Of course, I do not need an incentive other than it is a blessing to me!

    Love you dear friend,

  2. Awww Thanks Carol! Certainly sounds like life is lots of fun right now....and crazy!!! That's good stuff though! I appreciate your comment. It is good to know Joy Treasure is blessing to you! Love you too! We must meet up face to face soon! Ashley


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