Sunday, July 17

Manna Monday- Running To Nowhere

So, I'm back! Thanks to ALL who have continued to look for me here at Joy Treasure.

I have been on a much needed break, had some computer trouble (laptop had to go to the doctor!) enjoyed vacation and time with my family. But there's nothing like being back here with you here on the JT blog. It is a true joy of my life to share Christ in everyday life with you all!

 I have been dying to write this post!!! Hope you enjoy!

Every Sunday morning, with praise music playing in the background, I ride through an ideal suburban neighborhood with a long smooth sidewalk- perfect for exercising. You can bet your bottom dollar you will always find walkers, runners, or pet owners walking their dogs on the sidewalk near the street. They look so intense and committed to their morning walk or run. And as I journey through on my way to church, I think, " How ironic! They are running to nowhere."

Running for nothing.

Running for a body that will break down.

Running for things that pass away.

The are convinced excercising on Sunday morning is "the life." A good sunday morning jog instead of church will give them a better day. The priority they place on excercise over knowing Jesus will give them more years to live with their family, go on more vacations, or take less medicine. But their quality of life is inwardly dead. No matter how much they excercise it will never give them true life, new life, or life for eternity. So their running, although exercise is good for the body, is leading them to eternal death. Their priority to place this earthly life above seeking Christ will never satisfy their inner longing to know true love and true purpose.

 As I cruise through the neighborhood, I begin to pray for them to know Jesus. I pray they would come to see that exercising or enjoying a lazy Sunday morning isn't what will give them a better life. I pray they would see their need for Jesus and that Jesus would draw them close to Him.

Who is it you know that's running to nowhere? Is it a family member who is looking for the next person to date to make them "complete"? Is it a friend who is chasing after a bigger, better job? Is it a neighbor who is working toward having a nicer, bigger home? Is it a teen who is searching for the next party or the next drug to make them feel better? Who is it? Who do you know that is running to nowhere?

The bible says, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away."
                                                                                                                          Matthew 24:35
This life will pass away but God's Word will remain forever. God will remain forever. And we will live with Him in Heaven.

Take a moment to write down the name of a person who is running to nowhere. Pray for them. Commit to continue to pray for them. When you see them, pray for them silently as you see them. Don't give up praying for those around you who don't know Jesus. Keep on Praying- no matter how long it takes to get an answer. Just don't give up!

(I believe exercise is very important. Please do not mistake my belief on exercise!)
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