Friday, May 6

Free Art Friday Winner

Sorry everyone, I had some things come up today that had to get done and along with that, my new SD disc had a broken prong and wouldn't let me take pictures this am. So after a new SD disc and lots of errands I finally have everything working again! Just when you think technology is reliable, it's not! HA!
Tonight before bed, my son wanted to put the names in his train. So I said, "we haven't tried that before...give it a go!"

Picking a winner........

Congrats DeDe and your mom or mother-in law!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Mother's Day drawing and like I always say....keep trying! I appreciate all of you who entered and who continue to support the blogging ministry of Joy Treasure by reading and sharing it with your family and friends! It's a joy to serve and encourage you through the written word of God.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!
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