Thursday, July 28

Free Art Friday Begins Tonight!

Free Art Friday begins Tonight Thursday  July 28th  starting  at 7pm and
Run  until  Friday  July 29th  at  4pm.
You must be a follower of Joy Treasure to win this painting.  See the sidebars on how to join the JT Blog.
(((To EnTER:(((
Simply Leave your name in the comment Box Under this post and your name will be drawn by My son on Friday afternoon (July 28th( Winner will be posted Friday evening at 9pm July 28th.

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  1. Ashley, your art is as beautiful as you are! Thanks for sharing it! I'm still going to do a post about you one of these days when I have the time to send you some interview questions! Much love~

  2. Hey Ashley!
    I love your art and would love to win! Thanks for providing a wonderful blog for people to read!
    Heather Redd

  3. I wanna win!



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