Monday, May 2

Manna Mondays: God is Still on His Throne

There has been so much going on in the world in just one week. But yet God is still on His throne.

Although I do not live in the tornado ravaged area of Tuscaloosa, AL, I used to work there for almost eight years. It is like a home to me in some respects. While rummaging through the pictures online of the damaged areas in the city, I came across one that I wanted to share with you.It hit straight to my heart. Below is the parking lot of the Hobby Lobby and Big Lots. This is a side view of it. The buildings (what's left of them) are behind this picture so you do not see them. Yet, I know that little yellow house still left standing in the pictures. I used to park on the side of the lot facing that little yellow house during my lunch hour... some days. I worked as a salesman in this town and most days I would have lunch appointments with doctor's offices, but on the days when I did not sponsor a lunch with an office, I needed a place to camp out close to my next appointments after lunch breaks. This is the parking lot where I would park, eat my lunch, read my bible and pray. It is a special place to me.

To see this picture breaks my heart. This area of the town was so densely populated and now it is gone. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around the devastation and I don't even live there. As I continue to look at how much of the part of Tuscaloosa is completely devastated, it reminds me that we truly have nothing in this world. All our material possessions are nothing. All the things we hope for, work for, and pine over can be gone in 60 seconds.

For those of us who live in Alabama and the south, there is an outpouring of neighbors helping neighbors that is so inspiring. So what really matters? Eternity. Jesus is all that will remain. Even despite all this destruction, God is still on His throne. I am praying for more hearts to come to see that Jesus is all they need.

With this post, I wanted to share with you a way you can help the tornado victims in Alabama.
1. Pray
2. Give
3. Never forget the needs when the media moves on to new stories. This is a longtime commitment to bring these areas back to life.

Grace's Kitchen, an organization started by two women in my church, is working to help the tornado victims by providing warm meals. If you cannot help personally, please consider how you can give. For more info check out the following link:

Hebrews 1:8, "But about the Son he says, "Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever, and righteousness will be the scepter of your kingdom."

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