Tuesday, March 29

Just for Women Wednesdays-The M Word

Today I am going to scratch the surface of modest dressing. 

I have been searching for a new spring dress and swimsuit and have found it to be an absolutely frustrating process. Too low, too tight, too revealing, too short...the list goes on. As clothes off the rack get more revealing, it takes time to find cute, non-revealing, modest current clothes. But it CAN be done!
When I wear clothes I don't want people to look at me and think to themselves, "Does she really know Jesus because what she is wearing doesn't look like she knows Jesus?" I want my clothes to cover everything and complement my walk with Jesus, not hinder my walk with Jesus.
At first glance, its easy to think, these dresses are cute.

But when you ask the question, "Can I wear this dress to church on Sunday morning?" quickly each dress can be weeded out. The first dress is really, really short. I love the eyelet material but the length (to me) looks like a shirt. This length worn to church can lead men to look at the legs and up and cause them to stumble when they are trying to focus on learning about God. The second dress is too tight. Imagine wearing this dress to church- the color of dress and how tight the dress reveals the models chest area-this will certainly cause a man to think something about the woman- and it won't be about her godly character!!!! The last dress seems to cover the legs and even seems modest at first glance. But take a look closer and the chest area is too low and too plunging. What does that cause a man to look at? The last dress might be an option (I said might!!!!!) if you put a high black cami underneath it. I would buy the last dress only if it were not too tight in the chest area and a cami would cover the plunging neckline.

Dressing for church shouldn't be something we only "do" on Sunday mornings. Modest dressing should be the question we ask each morning before we walk out the door. The next time you look in the mirror ask yourself,  "Do I look like I know Jesus?"
"likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire,..."     1 Timothy 2:9
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  1. I so agree, Ashley. This is especially important if we have daughters and sons who are watching how we dress.

    One thing I do and encourage others to do (starting with my daughter when she was about 4 yars old) is to wear what we call "modesty tanks". We have strappy takns in all colors and wear them under everything that dips below a hand witdth down from our collar bones. (I often have to take the straps on these tanks up so that they'll be modest enough).

    Another idea I've heard, but haven't tried so to buy tank tops and wear them backwards - the backs are usually higher than the fronts.

    I agree with you - A modesty tank can change that last dress into a perfect Sunday option - if the rest of the dress isn't too tight.

    Blessings to you~

  2. Hey Jennifer!
    Love that you started modesty tanks with your daughter at a young age. I'm sure it is second nature by now as she is older. The earlier daughters can learn about modesty, the better.

    I have a few of the tanks in four neutral colors- black, brown, white and neutral- and use them under everthing. Love the idea to get them in every color. I'm going to add to my collection.

    Even if a top dips in a bit in the chest area I won't wear it without a cami. The cami makes it smooth and even and not draw attention to the chest area. I usually wear this under all my summer tops which at times can be very thin.

    Thanks for dropping by Jennifer!
    Blessings to yo my friend!

  3. AMEN!!!!! Ty for this post! I get so frustrated with women who seem to have no clue what they are doing to men when they wear these clothes especially at church!!! Ty for writing this!


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