Friday, March 25

Finding Order

Happy Friday Joy Treasure Friends!
I am praying you all experience an extra portion of God's awesome presence this week.
Press into Him and don't let go of Him.

I can always stand some good ole self-examination and when it comes to finding order, this devotion gets right to the point and gives me something I can actually "do" instead of wishing and thinking about finding more order in my life. Loved this devotion from Charles Swindoll in his book, Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life." Wanted to share it with you all because everyone can use more order in their lives! Amen! Think about this Friday. Weekends are an awesome time of reflection. Use it to your advantage this weekend.

Swindoll writes:
"If the truth be told, however, most of us don't struggles with being TOO orderly. Our problem is the other side of the coin. And the result is predictable: We burn up valuable energy and lose precious time because of it....Maybe a few questions will help prime the pump of self-analysis:
Do you often lose things?
Are you usually late for appointments and meetings?
Do you put off doing your work until late?
Are you a time on the phone or with TV?
Are you prompt in paying bills and answering mail?
Is your reading limited to only the essentials rather than heaver works?
Many unfinished projects lying around?
Does your desk stay cluttered? How about the tops of tables and counters?
Can you put a hand on important documents right away?
Can you concentrate and think through decisions in a logical, well-arranged manner?"
Swindoll goes on to say, " with the problem in a simplified manner. First admit to yourself that you could stand a change here and there. Try to be specific enough to pinpoint a couple of particular areas that keep bugging you. Don't bite off too much, just one or tow trouble spots you plan to deal with first. Write down your problem. Maybe it would be:
I am usually late to a meeting. More often than not, I have to hurry...and even then, I am five to ten minutes late.
Once this is done, think about several practical ways you can conquer the habit and write down a plan for correction. Work on only one or two projects a month. Too many targets will frustrate you. Don't forget to pray.
Isn't this an awesome devotion! A biblical way of looking at life is how we grow stronger and more like Christ. Taking time to reflect and be honest with ourselves is how we move forward and get out of our bad habits. But we have to LOOK at our life. We can't just keep rolling along living in disorder. Disorder not only affects us, but it impacts others around us. God is a God of order. Think about creation. He created each day in perfect order and then on the final day he rested. Let's get out of any habit that is causing us to lose precious energy from sharing and living our lives to the fullest for Christ.

I love you ALL! And I have prayed for you this morning.

What things in life do you need to change! WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU AND SHARE WITH JT READERS! 
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