Wednesday, September 15

While listening to Moody radio (which is literally everyday!), I heard a familiar pastor say something over the airwaves that literally stuck to my brain like a sticky note on a wall: Praise is the only thing we do that has nothing to do with our self.


What was he saying? He went on to say even when we thank God we are thinking about ourselves. Ungratefulness is a sin and I am not saying we should not thank God. But the way the pastor worded this truth......I had never thought about it like that before. But the way he said it, just stuck. Forever.

You know the kind of phrase that sticks to your brain forever. You hear it, you remember where you were when you heard it and it becomes a part of who you are. For me, this thought about praise was something that was not going to lose its grip in my brain.

Praise is vitally important in our relationship with God. It gives him the proper honor that is due Him.
It fans the flame of our worship. The more we know about WHO God is, the more we can worship Him fully with our whole hearts. The more we can praise Him for WHO He is.

What attribute have you praised God for today? Do you have a scripture to go with it? Finding an attribute along with a scripture is a great way to start praising God more in each day. This is a simple way to begin to pour out the praise to God in your daily life.

"Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good; Sing praises to His name, for it is lovely."                                               Psalm 135:3
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