Friday, September 24

An Unexpected House Guest

Louie the Lizard- I might as well name him. He stayed for an hour!
  You ever just seem to be going about your day when all of a sudden something happens that makes you stop in your tracks? This happened to me a few months ago. I forgot I had taken a picture to prove to my husband that there actually was a lizard in my kitchen. It thought it was funny enough to post about on a Friday. Hope you enjoy the madness!

Here's how it went down:
"How did he get in here? How do I get him out?" were my thoughts as this little green long tailed creature made his way around my kitchen like an invited guest.
Every thing I could get my hands on started flying through the air to move him toward the door. That was my only plan at this point. If I could just move him that way, I could open the door and not have to pick him up with my hands! My bare hands were certainly NOT the plan.

ring, ring, ring,......ring.... My husband called. I told him what was going down at the Anderton home and he kind of laughed and said, "Get a paper towel and just pick him up and place him outside the door." I responded with an emphatic, "NO!!!!" He laughed and said, "Well, I guess he will be there a while until you just pick him up." I got not one ounce of sympathy!

Lets get this thing straight. I don't have a problem stepping on a spider or bee or taking a towel and picking up any other kind of bug. But I DON'T like reptiles. Any of them. Every time I see them, they remind me of the serpent in the bible.

I cringed at the thought a reptile was crawling back and forth on my kitchen table. I was just besides myself. Who was going to win? It was just me and him. Certainly not him. I was positive of that!
So I thought ok, "If I can just get to move toward the end of the table hopefully he'll get the point he's not wanted and start making his way toward fresh air."

The scene grew more intense. "Was I now talking to this lizard? Like he could really understand me!" He was quite content to crawl back and forth from one side of the table to the next. So here's what I did. I had to step up the game plan.
I opened the door and then started throwing things behind him. Not on top of him. For goodness sakes, all reptiles are God's creatures! But I did throw any item in my view that I could find in hopes he would leap off the table and run into the great outdoors.

He made his way down the back of the chair and then to the floor. As all reptiles love to crawl into a did my fellow uninvited house guest. YEP....right behind the trash can. There was no denying it. I had to confront him.  Quickly, I moved the trash can and there he was exposed. Nothing to hide behind.

Here's what worked: spoons, children's socks, markers, a train, a music instrument and of course the big one- a diaper wipes container. That was the final straw. He moved toward the door as fast as lightning.


Finally, I could rest.
ring....ring....ring...... "Hey....I got the lizard out and I didn't have to pick him up with my bare hands! YAY!"

I know. It's crazy. But true. Just another day in the life of Ashley.
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  1. LOL Ashley..... this reminds me of my hummingbird episode. I understand your pain. Ha.....

  2. LOL! Ashley, I love that you named him Louie! (I have one at my house that my dad named the exact same it!) :)

    Hugs to you!



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