Thursday, September 16

Treasuring What Others Treasure

This past weekend, I decided to go down to our land and see what my husband had been up to.  A lot. That's what I discovered upon my arrival.

While walking through some of the areas that had been worked on, I couldn't believe how big this field had become. It had been enlarged to become a better field for hunting. I'd say this was quite a good size! In all my years, I can't believe I am going to say this but, "Isn't it a beautiful piece of land!" I certainly think so!

Driving toward the property, we made our way through cattle country. On every rolling green hill were hundreds of cattle grazing on an afternoon meal. A few look up at me. Well, maybe that's because I am standing right in front of them saying, "hello cow!"

I told her it was only going to be posted on The JoyTreasure Blog. Not a big deal! Still, she seemed quite aggravated!

 Every time I see barbed wire, I think back to the time I was playing with my cousin, Justin. We were running around in our grandparents field and crawling through the barbed wire to get out of the field and onto a dirt road. I still remember the wire touching my skin to this very day.  Funny how seeing something can take you back a to a memory of yesterday.

 I thought this was noteworthy enough to take a pic. Sometimes our hearts are just like need of God's word to come in and fill up the cracks. Great visual of that! 

These are my boots when I go down to the land. I like em! Somewhat fashionable but mostly durable! The road on our property was dry. Can you tell? VERY DRY! These were the cracks throughout the entire road. I now know what a farmer would feel like if he is surveying his property and seeing the need for rain for his crops. I'm not saying I'm a farmer, just understand how areas can become really dry.

All good things must come to an end. My two men on their way back to the truck. My husband scouted around 30 doves in the trees on the property. Who knew we had doves in Sept.? Exciting!

I share this day with you, my readers, because I want to encourage you to spend time with your loved ones doing things they like to do. It doesn't always have to be about what you like or don't like. So much of our time on the weekend is doing the things we want to do or making time for the things we want to accomplish on our "to do" lists. But one thing you will miss out on in marriage, is seeing what your spouse really treasures. I have not always been the best at going down to our property. But as my son grows older, he said, "It's fun when you here, mommy, My whole family is down at the land." How can I resist not coming down more often now? I can't. My son even notices the difference when I come with them.

God gives us good things. Let's take time to treasure the things that matter- time with family and friends. When we spend time with them, we learn what they truly treasure. How we show them we love them is by spending time with them embracing the things they treasure.

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  1. This is great, thanks for sharing it. The land is looking great.

  2. Thanks Adrianna! Thanks for stopping by The Joy Treasure Blog!I am so glad you enjoyed the tour!


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