Monday, August 9

Manna Monday

Good Monday morning friends! I pray you all had a wonderful weekend!
Monday is here again and as I write this post, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.
All is quiet in my house!!!!! What a wonderful time morning is before we start out on our day's journey.

This morning's verse from Psalm 139 is quite personal.

Have you ever noticed how many times people say, " she has her mother's eyes," or "he has his father's nose,"when a new baby is born? Examining Psalm 139:13, we find God is the one made the color of the eyes and determined the shape of the nose. God is the weaver and spinner of life inside the mother's womb. HE determines the how everything will be woven together to create a wonderful creation. Even we as humans don't have any control of what actually goes on inside the womb. A mother can take care of her body on the outside. She can visit the doctor , eat right, get enough sleep, and do all she can to make sure the child is brought into a safe environment. But she cannot put all the pieces together inside the womb nor can she determine what the child will look like. All of those secrets are kept by God only to be revealed at birth.

God is a personal God. He created us to be exactly like we are.

There was a time when I didn't like the way God made me. I am short and petite and struggled with being short in junior high school. Everyone was taller than me. But, I could either let that thought, ruin my entire life or come to terms with that is exactly how God made me to be. In eighth grade, I finally said to myself, "God made me short and He is pleased with what He has made." Psalm 139:13 had a lot to do with my letting go of questioning why God had made me short.

God's truth brings us back to the mind of God. It leads us away from our insecurities and questions about life.

As you go about your Monday, remember God made you exactly like He wanted you to be. He is please at YOU His creation!
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