Monday, August 2

Free Art Friday Art Winner-

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in Free Art Friday! It was wonderful to hear the ways God provided and took care of the tiniest details in your lives. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. I will post the other stories in the comment section. Please keep the comments coming.

I chose Julie's post because it showed how she trusted God despite what she could see over the period of a year. One of the things particularly hard is trusting God to provide when you don't see how He is going to provide. There are so many barriers that get in the way of trusting God to be our provider, mainly sight. So many times, we let our circumstances determine our attitude, dictate our thoughts, and lead us away from God instead of drawing closer to His side. Julie did not let her circumstances lead her away from God, she let them lead her right to His side.

God Provides: From Julie, A Joy Treasure Reader

God showed me He is my provider in 2005. Stan was overseas in Kuwait for the second time. Caleb was only 6 months when he left. It was so hard for Stan
to leave his little boy, and a month after he left we found out we were
pregnant with twins. The Lord provided for me in an amazing way that year
through my church family, friends and my family! I could never thank the
Lord enough for how He was with me that year and how He used others to show
His love to me. Stan was not able to come home for the birth of our girls.
The Lord provided a doula for FREE to help me through the labor. My mom was
able to be there even though she had just found out she had breast cancer.
She had just had a mastectomy two weeks before she came, and wasn't even
able to hold the girls, but was still there to hold my hand through it all!
My church family brought me meals every other day for 3 months after the
girls were born. I had an endless supply of diapers and the love and support
was amazing! I was so touched and so blessed! It still brings tears to my
eyes at how the Lord took care of our family that year! He brought Stan home
safely, and he has given us five beautiful, healthy children! God takes care
of His children and blesses them over and over again! He is SOOO good!

Thanks Julie! What a testimony of how God provided for your every need in 2005.
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