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Just for Women Wednesdays- I'm Not SuperWoman, And It's OK!

I'm Not SuperWoman, And It's OK!
I admire so many women who seem like they are doing it all. I constantly stand in awe of their accomplishments. Their blogs are up to date and swanky. They are writing books, making Cd's, starting businesses of all kinds, telling me on Facebook how productive they are, where they have been and what they are doing or new places they have seen. Many are running companies, making a mark for themselves in the business world. I follow lots of women writers who speak and write and are "out there" on the speaking and author circuit and I sometimes just think at this point in my life, " I am not superwoman." I can't do it all at this time in motherhood in my life.

I am me.
God made me,.....well, ME.
God has a calling on my life and I know it.
But I can't measure my life by where other women are in their life. 
I have to be doing what the LORD has called Ashley to do and keep my focus on the goal.
Not keep my focus on other women's goals and accomplishments.

Do you struggle with this?
Do you think "other women" are doing it all and wonder how they are doing it?

I am a wife, mom, keeper of the home, daughter, and friend with a big desire to speak, write, paint, sing and teach. Some people tell me, "You do everything. Is there anything you don't do?" Well, it's not true. You could easily ask my husband and he could give you a list of things I struggle doing. But when I teach God's word, sing God's word and paint God's word, my passion for Him just comes out. It's who he has made me to be and he is refining those gifts and passions for a certain time. My desire is to encourage moms and women of all ages everywhere to follow hard after God, to live in the joy He has given them through Jesus Christ.

I want my time to be given to my family. My son is becoming a little person who can carry on a great conversation and I don't want to miss that because I am updating my blog. My son has homework and is learning to read. I don't want him to remember momma was always busy and never had time to read a story. Yet, when I look around, I see other women doing all kinds of things on social media, I admit my flesh cries out, "Why not me too, Lord? I am behind in my goals, LORD!"

And then he gently reminds me that he "makes everything beautiful in it's time" (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

And you know what I am finding when I look to Jesus instead of other women's accomplishments? That I am content where I am, with what I am doing, on the time table God has placed me on.

The truth is, when you want it all, the house, the clothes, the perfect family outings and photos, doing everything on your bucket all becomes exhausting. I rarely think that my great-grandmother who was born in 1891 thought the same way then. Did she even know what a "bucket list" was?

It's OK if my blog posts don't become a published book by a big publishing house. If I never become a New York Times Bestseller author, or make a CD that sells 20,000 copies, I am still a woman of worth, of value in God's eyes. It's OK if my Facebook page of Joy Treasure never reaches 500 likes. I want people to like it because they like the content that I share about God's Word. I want to stay true to who God has made me to be and not try to be someone else.

It's OK to not be superwoman dear sister. 
You can't be good at everything. Satan's lie for you to "be where you think you should be" at this time in your life is a lie. God is sovereign and in control and at work. We shouldn't be lazy, but we should make and keep goals that are realistic and measurable and can keep balance in our home lives. Keep a focus on Jesus. Keep a focus on what God has called you to do that no one else can do.

No one else can be a wife to my husband.
No one else can be a mom to my son.
No one else can make our home feel warm and cozy.
No one else can make dinner like I can and satisfy my family's hungry bellies.
No one except me. 
And those are my priorities. Everything else is gravy and I give it to God and let him work it and lead me as time allows.

It's OK to not be Superwoman. 
It's OK to be where you are in life at the time you are in life.
Just keep your eyes on Jesus and you will find the greatest contentment.

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