Monday, July 29

Manna Monday: Making Time for God in the Summertime (Simple Prayers)

This summer has been like a roller coaster.
Fast, slow. 
Fast, slow. 
Up. Down. 
Sit down on a park bench to catch a breath and on to the next ride. 
Throw on a poncho when it rains and keep going.

 Meeting God in the summertime has been a challenge for me. 
I am just keeping it real. 

Has making time for God in the summertime been a challenge for you? 

I have found that reading itty bitty parts of Scripture in the same passage during the summertime (until I could get a longer period of time for deeper study) has kept my heart longing for God in the busyness.

Praying simple prayers is one of the ways I keep Scripture at the forefront of my mind during the day. I love picking out bite size parts of big truths and praying it throughout my daily tasks. 

Here lately, I have traveled back to Psalm 119 and my heart has been immediately uplifted by its vast truth. Can't read it enough!

Today I share this simple prayer with you: 
              "Give me understanding...."   Psalm 119:34

This prayer is one we all can pray when we open the Bible, are studying a particular passage or examining a verse at a deeper level. Asking God to "give me understanding" is one way I keep the conversation open with Him about parts of my life that I don't make sense to me, truth that I want to live out as a wife, mom and believer, and parts of the Bible that just perplex me. What I have found is that He always answers it. Always! 

If you find that you only have time for bite size truths about God during the summertime, pray simple prayers throughout the day. You will find this to be a great way to keep truth alive in the midst of roller coaster life.

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