Friday, July 19

A Baby Step Toward Finding OrderI

I don't like taking baby steps when I do something. I like to finish the WHOLE thing at one time. (you know the phrase about eating the elephant!!!) 

But the older I get, the more I realize I need more order in my life. Order brings peace, and wastes less time, I am finding I must succumb to the pressure of "being organized." UGHHHH!
The problem with this whole realization thing is that I don't like to organize. 

Heee Heee!

So, after trolling through the web, I found some great sites that told me what to do!
Here are a two sites that I love and have taught me how to "DO" organization. I must add this though.....I will not be making my own detergent. (Smile!)

So here's what I am up to today. 

Aren't these the cutest file folders! I am hoping that when I look at them, they will make me want to file something quickly! 
Found them at Tar-Jay (aka Target)!

Click here to get them!

Moving on. Here's the next thing I am organizing.

My Pantry dry goods- sugar, flour, cornmeal, baking powder etc.
I found these at Target too!!! 

And I couldn't believe it, but I found these CUTE LABELS for pantry containers there too!

I am getting excited about this organization thing because those labels are SOOOOOO cute!

And I am so loving these pre-printed labels for my files in my home drawer. I don't even have to make them with my label maker. (Confession... I bought a label maker last fall..... Am I may be crossing over to the organized side....)

And last, because I LOVE living in the south!!! So, while I am organizing all this stuff, I get to glance up at something BU-TEEE- FULLL - my mason jar of flowers on my kitchen island.


Well, that's all I have for ya today! Nothing theological or deep. Just real life in a real woman's day.

Love y'all!
Happy Friday!

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