Monday, April 2

Manna Monday- Pouting...a Praise Killer!

What you focus on in your day determines how you will live. Pouting, even silently pouting to yourself, will inevitably come out in your words, actions and attitude towards others.Don't kid yourself. It's a dangerous thing. Why? Because at the core of pouting is selfishness. It's a heart that says, "I want my way and I am mad because something hasn't turned out the way I wanted it to turn out.I have a right to have my way."

Pouting is a praise killer and it's reflective of a heart that is desperately in need of revival.

Listen to Psalm 145:2
"Every day I will bless You. And I will praise Your name forever and ever."
Does this Psalm say, "pout...don't praise God today because you deserve your way? You have the right to pout!!!!!"

NO! NO! NO!!!!!

The Psalmist's focus in Psalm 145 is entirely on the LORD and how good He is. Daily, the Psalmist commits to praising God and blessing the name of the LORD in each day. That's how we can stop pouting. By turning our focus and committing ourselves back to God to bless and praise Him in each day.

Further down into Psalm 145 the Psalmist declares the nearness of God when we call on Him in truth (Psalm 145:18). That's how you get out of the pout pit!!!! The pout cycle can be demolished by praising God! It can be crushed by the power of reading God's Word. Pouting turns away from God and His word. Pouting makes you feel lonely because it is a lie. It's not focused on the truth of God. It's focused on a situation instead of bringing God the situation. It makes you feel like God is far away. But He is not far away. He is present with you ALL the time. The way we become closer to feeling His presence is by coming near to Him in truth.

Pouting can be dangerous because it is easy to do. It's what we want to do! It's in our sin nature. That's why reading God's Word, especially the Psalms can refresh your heart and give a new focus for your day. Pouting can become a downward spiral that affects your family, your co-workers, your life. It can destroy everything around you. That's why it's dangerous.

Listen to the Psalmist praise God in Psalm 145:

Psalm 145:3
Psalm 145:5
Psalm 145:8
Psalm 145:9
Psalm 145:13
Psalm 145:14
Psalm 145:15
Psalm 145:16
Psalm 145:17
Psalm 145: 19
Psalm 145:20

If this doesn't get you to praising God, I don't know what will!
Focus on a few verses from Psalm 145 this week. Say them out loud each day.
Soon, you will become sick to your stomach if you even think about pouting.
Turn your eyes to God! Give Him your reasons for pouting. Pour out your heart before King Jesus. Let Him take care of all the details. And Praise Him dear sister! Praise Him each day!!!!!

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