Wednesday, April 17

Returning to the Blogosphere

Can Anyone Identify With ME?
OK. So my blogging came to a screeching halt when my laptop got malware on it in February (sigh). And then the search began for  a new computer and the hard process of going through all my files and emails (that I love to collect and not delete-smile). So this process took, well, til today. It's April!

So here I sit at my computer, which is quite lovely I must say. But, all my files are still not on my computer which includes my drawings which I use for a blog post as well as on the heading of my Facebook Joy Treasure page. "Be patient!" I say to myself. "It will get better. I think?"

  A Much Needed Break
I have to say the computer break was, well, probably well needed. Grieving over my daddy's death in the fall of 2012 has been hard and I am coming out of  a place that I never thought (at the time) was possible to come out and be better for it. But God continues to remain Faithful, loving and is my comforter.

Where Does Joy Treasure Go From Here? 
So what will the blog look like now?
I don't know. I am trying to get my brain wrapped around using a Mac and all the things I used to do on my laptop I will have to learn how to do on my Mac. I have a new art program that I think I will love but will have to learn it as I go. So the artwork will return slowly but surely.

I will be posting again on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays about the issues that we as women deal with: in parenting, marriage, singleness, spiritual growth and adding some fun ideas with art and crafts. And don't forget Free Art Friday will be coming back as well!!! Yahoo!

So, as my drawing (which I made on my new art program and I don't know how in the world I was able to find it and be able to post it at the top of this post) says, "Can you identify with me?" With being frustrated, with having an obstacle in the middle of your road that you find it hard to go around? Learning new things is a good thing. It stretches us out of our comfort zone and teaches us that we CAN do new things if we are patient and try. I will get better at navigating myself around this computer and the blog will be better for it.  As "Pete the Cat" would say, (a kindergarten favorite book) "It's All Good!"

Well, my coffee cup is dry which means that the post is over for now because I need to go refill my cup! See ya next time with a main focus instead of a bunch of rambling and hopefully some new artwork that will be more inspiring than this one!!!

Love y'all and thank you for supporting the Joy Treasure blog and Facebook Page. It's why I do what I do! For you!!

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