Wednesday, September 26

What's a Woman to do with Jealousy?

How do you deal with jealousy? Do you quickly recognize it and give it God or do you let it find a comfortable place in your heart and take up residency? Listen girls, jealousy is a destructive pit that if you don't get a handle on it quickly, can overtake your mind, attitude and actions. Jealousy can move from a temptation to a new way of life. It can ruin your daily thinking and keep you from praying. It can lead to a deep root of bitterness that comes out in everything you say and do. It can be the foundation where other sins are birthed. Don't discount jealousy today and pass up this post. We all need to be reminded of this treacherous temptation. 
I still remember a girl from high school that I was so jealous of. I didn't want to be jealous of her because she was so nice, but I was. She was pretty, smart, wore cute clothes, seemed to never have a bad day, was liked by everyone, and every teacher adored her. Every time I would see her, I would just feel so awful about myself. So my natural mind would say, "I wish I was like her."
Can anybody relate? Anybody?
Here's today's truth: God did not create you to dislike yourself.
Get that into your head even if you have to say out loud. He is pleased with "you" His creation. There is NO other YOU!!!
When you and I take our eyes off of God and His Word and place our sole focus on what we "wish" we were like, (that we see in other women) our natural mind will take us into the disastrous pit of jealousy every time. We will wallow in the mucky mire and feel awful about ourselves. That awful feeling will turn into hatred towards another woman for making us feel that way. So then this jealousy has birthed another sin, the sin of hatred. We will not be able to get out of the pit of jealousy unless we determine to come back to God. Until we decide we want to be with Him instead of being with our jealousy. If we choose to stay in the pit of jealousy, our minds will naturally begin to adjust to a new normal, and jealous thoughts will have its way and ruin our thought processes.  
What I have come to find out as an adult who loves and follows Christ, is that jealousy is always going to be lurking in the least unexpected places. That's why we've got to be watchful and let God's wisdom be the pursuit of our thought lives. The wise woman, the woman who places her aim on learning God's Word in her mind, learns how to recognize the temptation to be jealous and quickly seeks to stomp it out with prayer and truth. Otherwise, the natural mind aims at raising jealousy to the new normal. And what happens then is that we begin to live in defeat instead of in the victory of Christ.
Remember the Life of Joseph
Think back to Joseph and his brothers (Genesis 37:4). The more his brothers kept their eyes on the favor Joseph received from their father, jealousy overtook their minds. Their minds changed  their attitude and their attitude took over their actions. For we know that they sold their very own brother into slavery (Genesis 37:28).
A Real Life Jealousy Plan:
1. Confess who you are jealous of to God.
2. Pray for that woman.
3. Find Scripture to help strengthen the natural state of your mind.
4. Do it over and over again until God has broken you free.
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