Sunday, January 24

An Unexpected Snow Day

Snow? Really? What a perfect way to start my new blog.
I couldn't have planned it any better.

When you're born and raised in the South, you get used to false snow alarms. "Possible snow" or a "light dusting" was what the weatherman said. But this day was different. It looked like it really might snow.

As my son watched it fall to the ground he said,"Mommy let's go outside. Let's go see snow." Thinking it would not last very long, I thought, "OK, let's go outside, see it and make a memory or two."

No agenda.
No plan.

I am so glad, I didn't take a shower or wash my hair today.(I did brush my teeth!!!!)You know why? Because this day was a day I could never gain back again.(a snow day in the south, I mean.) So some of the laundry didn't get put away or I didn't get to run a few errands. So what? The hours I spent out in the snow with my son........priceless.

The entire day, I kept thinking of
Job 38:22 "Have you entered the storehouses of the snow,or have you seen the storehouses of the hail,..."
God is so big and what a delight to be able to receive a dusting from his mighty snow storehouses! I'm so glad I took the day to enjoy it with my son.

Take time with your children. The moment will pass and we won't be able to get it back again.
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